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Home Builders Digest-2023 Best Home Remodelers in Indiana-Indy

Dwelling Indy is a dedicated construction company specializing in delivering style and quality for new and existing homes. With a team of award-winning designers and trade partners, it offers services in new construction, repairs, restorations, and multi-phase jobs. Regardless of the service, the team ensures seamless communication, transparent budgeting, full staffing, on-site organization, and top-notch handywork.

Dwelling Indy was founded in 2018 by Dan McLaughlin, an experienced professional in the construction industry who is affiliated with the Central Indiana Real Estate Association and BAGI. Holding an OSHA 10-Hour certification, McLaughlin brings safety and expertise to every project. Under his leadership, the firm is a member of NAHB, BAGI, and Indiana Builders Association, Inc., reflecting its commitment to industry standards and excellence.

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